How to Paint Polka Dot Nails in 4 Simple Steps

White Polka Dot Nail Art

Following these 4 simple steps, anyone can have a beautiful polka dot nails.  I teach you how to make this classic nail art (Polka Dot Nails) with which you’ll be fine forever. Step 1: Apply a base coat, preparing to ...

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Best Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women A very dark skin is skin that produces a lot of melanin. Due to the presence of this pigment in large quantities, it is not prone to sunburns. Very dark skin are also affected ...

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How to Get Cherry Red Lips in 4 Simple Steps

Cherry Red Lips

When it comes to achieving a good make up, you have to choose between two paths: highlight your eyes or highlight your mouth. Today, we see How to get cherry red lips in just four simple steps. Having Red Cherry ...

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Eye and Makeup Tips When Wearing Contact Lenses

Makeup Tips When Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, which began to be used as a substitute for prescription glasses, increasingly have more and more adepts. They are! ideal solution to combine good vision and aesthetics since, unlike glasses, they do not change our expression and I ...

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