Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

A very dark skin is skin that produces a lot of melanin. Due to the presence of this pigment in large quantities, it is not prone to sunburns. Very dark skin are also affected by rare cancers associated with exposure to UVA and UVB rays.

If very dark skin does not suffer from redness, it can be affected by pigmentation problems. Complexion is therefore not uniform and some areas of the face such as around the mouth, forehead and neck are more dark.

This type of skin also tends to mark easily in case of pimples or irritation, which implies a formal ban grind / scratch  in the face to avoid the appearance of difficult to leave spots.

Ebony skin are often dehydrated. This lack of water is flaking them and take a greyish appearance, especially in winter. We must therefore ensure moisturize skin morning and evening with formulas rich in water and non-comedogenic to avoid hyperseborrhea.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Makeup complexion for very dark skin

Because of these small problems pigmentation, a very dark skin will be faced with a dilemma: what shade of foundation to choose Is it better to choose a shade close to the color of depigmented areas, or similar to the color of rest of his face?

The answer is simple: to avoid unsightly mask effect, always choose a shade of foundation close to her neck or her cleavage, if it is visible.

When the skin does not have any particular problems of pigmentation, the color of foundation is chosen by testing the product directly on the jaw. We see immediately if it is too bright, too dark or “cold” – or, in any case, not suitable.

If very dark skin redness does not know, she is not immune to bad mine and purple circles. To unify the complexion and conceal his dark circles, you can use products corrective color . A base in shades of apricot restore pep to a grayish complexion and bright orange concealer, applied before the concealer , awaken any eye area too dark.

What Color Should I Choose for Dark Skin?

Very dark skin are lucky: the nude through neon pastel, everything is their The only difficulty is to find makeup products that are well pigmented enough to stand out against a dark complexion!.

Shopping “very dark skin-friendly” Products

When it was very very dark skin, it is not easy to find suitable products. Fortunately, the cosmetics market soon became interested in the problems facing black skins and several brands of makeup (IMAN, Black Up …) are specialized in the creation of beauty products for (among others) for skin color. Only downside: these brands are often quite expensive and distributed selectively.

Recommended Makeup Products for Dark Skin

  • IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Cream SPF 15
  • Fluid foundation matting by Black Up
  • MAC pro Longwear Concealer
  • Sleek MakeUp Face Form (373 Light)
  • Sleek Makeup – Blush By 3 Palette