Contact lenses, which began to be used as a substitute for prescription glasses, increasingly have more and more adepts. They are! ideal solution to combine good vision and aesthetics since, unlike glasses, they do not change our expression and I don’t notice that we carry them.

Therefore, women, often more flirtatious, opt mainly for its use. But the best when it comes to makeup doubts them. You don’t have to be no problem if we do it with certain precautions.

Makeup Tips When Using Contact Lenses

Eye and Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

  1.  Precautions – it is important to thoroughly clean the applicators, bellows or pencils that creep and accumulate large amount of germs.
  2. Before wearing or removing contact lenses, wash your hands with clean water
  3. It is very important that you you always wear the lenses before makeup .So the Makeup won’t mess with your eye lenses.
  4. Also Take off the contact lenses before you remove make-up. Thus, you reduce the chances of spotting them.
  5. Do not use eyeliner on the inside of the eyelid,  In addition, try to use long lasting eyeliner. Avoid handling the eye frequently.
  6. Try using products better than powdered cream
  7. Please do not keep the makeup products open. You will avoid contamination and in addition they will last you longer in good condition. Also try to keep each lens on the same side of the case. You will avoid mistakes and unnecessary contamination.
  8. Take care of cosmetic products you use for face and eyes. Your eyes and face will be safe if you are using quality and branded cosmetics or clean home made products. It will keep you safe from side effects and allergies.
  9. Do not put makeup while moving vehicle, to avoid to touch the eye with the applicator of mascara.

Makeup Recommendations for different Contact Lenses Colors

  1.  If you decide on blue contact lenses, use grey shadows. For special occasions, you can surprise with Golden or yellow shades.
  2. If you choose green lenses, it uses shades of ochre or brown eyes for the day. For a party, usa shadows hollyhocks and roses.
  3. When you choose lenses of dark tones, use shades of gray or pink eyes.
  4. If you want to get lenses color honey, use combinations of yellow / brown or brown/copper.
  5. Eyeliner should also go in line with the color of the lenses. Complement it with the eyeshadows. Blue lenses, it uses one black or gray; to green lenses, use brown or black eyeliner.