When it comes to achieving a good make up, you have to choose between two paths: highlight your eyes or highlight your mouth.
Today, we see How to get cherry red lips in just four simple steps. Having Red Cherry Lips is easy!

What we need to Get Cherry Red Lips

  • Red Lip Liner Pencil (Choose one of the best)
  • Red Lipstick or Cherry Red Pencil (It’s a little darker than the red)
  • Transparent Lip Gloss with petroleum jelly, like Vaseline

Step1: Line your lips with red pencil.

Get Cherry Lips

Step2: Fill the entire interior of your lips leaving the corners without coloring

Get Cherry Lips-2

Step 3: Color the Corners of the mouth with Cherry Red Pencil

Get Cherry Lips-3

Step 4: Apply clear Lip gloss.

Get Cherry Lips-4

Now you are ready to give the best kisses to your loved one!