We all want to look beautiful and spectacular in the year-end holidays.One way to do this is by allowing a suitable makeup to highlight our best features.If we want to highlight the eyes, we must pay attention to eye makeup and lashes.

Highlight your Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips

Choose the best Mascara to Highlight your Eyes

There are a variety of mascaras on the market, depending on each case, provides the ability to make the best of the eyes, but it is not always easy to hit in the choice of one or the other. The essential thing is to seek one designed for the type of eyelashes you have, you can redefine the natural properties of length, volume, etc., so, look great.

To choose a mascara that feels perfect and fits the best way to kind of face and style of the person, you should consider:

  •  If you are short lashes, you must choose a mask that lengthens as it defines and separates causing appear longer, and also feel good colors. If it is wide tabs, you should never wear a mask with volume, as they will be even shorter.
  •  If long eyelashes, masks feel good brush comb, since they get a good separation when they are very thick. The formulas that give volume can go well only when used by applying very thin layers gradually. Also the formulas curling, curving slightly, are perfect when they are long and slim.
  • If you are straight, you should use the crimped lashes that leave spotless despite its appearance. Keep in mind that you should not use a formula that provides a lot of weight to the hair.

For sparse eyelashes there are two good options: use a double mask, first applying the base volume, or choose a formula with synthetic fibers that fill the lashes and make them look a lot thicker and populous.

 What is the best colored Mascara?

The mascara is made ​​not only to highlight the different types of lashes, but it also comes in different colors. You must select the one that best fits the tone of eyes in order to achieve a perfect finish:

■ The black highlights very well in all kinds of eyes, and is perfect for use at anytime and anywhere.

■ Brown is the one to look throughout the day as it adds volume without hard look.

■ The different shades of purple, they look great with dark or green eyes.

■ The blue suits her toned people with almond eyes.

■ Transparent mascara is perfect to add volume and shape to the eyelashes. It is excellent for use during the day, because it provides a very natural look.

A key tool: The curlers

Fundamental Another element that can not be forgotten when highlight the eyes are the curlers, because with them, you can lift your lashes easily and with a professional finished.

Depending on your choice, the handles allow easy curling, and can prevent your fingers from slipping, so comfort is guaranteed.

Today, you have different types, each with particular characteristics and features that will make your makeup increasingly easy.

Beauty Tips with curlers

For those who do not like to use the curler, you should use mascara and provide volume curve.

If you want to achieve a multicolor effect, first a layer of black mascara is applied and when dry, another desired color is placed only at the tips.

If much sports or being in constant motion day at work, it is advisable to use a waterproof mascara to avoid smudging the sweat.

Tips to highlight the look

Whatever type of makeup you prefer, keep in mind these basic details:

Tip to highlight the look # 1: Dark circles Take advice with a driver for you to recommend the right tone for a concealer. Its use makes a noticeable difference in the finished makeup.

. Tip to highlight the look # 2 Eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, hence, should be well delineated. To become stronger, you can give a little more color, either with a pencil or powder of a similar hue. The idea is to make it look natural.

Tip to highlight the look # 3. Full day Makeup is important. good basis for prebase and shadows are set right and makeup last the whole party. Sure, it is worth some retouching.

Tip to highlight the look # 4. Facility After your eye makeup carefully applied one drop of each of your eyes. Will help you clean your eyes and remove any debris that has been casting. Keep a tissue handy for the makeup applied was not run.

Tip to highlight the look # 5. After Party For very tired and outdated you are, gently removes make-up not only your eyes but the whole face. Then apply a few drops of eye drops ejt eyes.

Tip to highlight the look # 6. Reconstruction If  dark circles, soak some cotton with wonderful cold water (refrigerate the bottle) or tea bags soaked in cold water. This will lessen the effect and your eyes will be rested.

Tip to highlight the look # 7. Creams Do not wait for the lines and bags appear in the eye area. Become a good eye contour cream and use it daily. No matter if you go to a party or stay at home watching a good movie.