Today we are going to see the best tips to protect your skin in winter to regain its health and beauty in the coldest time of year. In this season face care must be the most extreme. Learn how to help and protect your skin from the harmful effects of cold that can accelerate aging.

Beauty Tips to help prevent the effects of cold on your skin. Dry, scaly, cracked and sensitive skin are some of the symptoms in winter. Changes in temperature, cold and wind reduce skin moisture. This causes cracks, dryness and peeling skin.

Skin Care in Winter -Protect your Skin

Skin Care in Winter – Tips to Protect Skin in Winter Season


Start the season with a good facial. Whatever your skin type must be clean and well hydrated to cope in the best way the continuous changes of temperature.

2.Drink plenty of water

Many people think that you only need to be hydrated in the summer, not winter, which is a big mistake because the cold winter also dehydrates our skin so if you want to have it healthy and beautiful, optimal hydration is essential. To moisturize from the inside by drinking plenty of fluids and do not forget to apply outside every morning, a good cream moisturizer .

3. Use a good daily moisturizer.

We used coats and jackets to ward off the cold. Similarly, in winter, you need to give your skin extra protection, especially in areas where they are more exposed as the face and hands. To do this, get a massage with a good moisturizer.

4. Mask

Apply a weekly mask. A good mask that nourishes your skin while the smooth, will bring that extra touch of your skin health needs in winter.

5. Do not forget to wear sunscreen.

Because it’s cold does not mean that there are no sun rays that adversely affect your skin. It is important to use a sunscreen even in winter, as in summer, be sure to apply at least 30 minutes before leaving the house for the skin to absorb it well and is fully protected.

6. Cleanser

Change one gel cleanser cream consistency. The astringent properties of the gels cleaners can dry and irritate your skin. A cream cleanser removes makeup without damaging the skin without removing moisture much needed him.

7. Exfoliate regularly.

For a radiant and glowing skin in winter should exfoliate regularly. You must do it at least twice a week. Start using a good moisturizing serum. The dry winter air can turn your dull skin, so use a hydrating serum before applying your regular cream will bring more shine to your skin.

8. Use Essential Oils .

Half an hour before taking your bath, apply a bit of body oil, have many kinds and flavors. Apply it with a soft majase and notice how your skin absorbs moisture from the oil leaving your skin soft and silky after a warm bath. Discover the benefits of aromatherapy also a good aromatic oil will help lift the spirits on a dreary winter day.

9. Use Lip Balms with Sunscreen Formula

Also watch your lips and your body. The cold wind and crack your lips, always, apply a good lip balm with sunscreen formula. Hydrate your body with good body lotion and emphasizes areas such as knees, elbows and feet so they do not dry out.