Lip products are available in various formats. All of them (except dust) moisturize the lips and protect them from the action of the elements. If you want your lips look nice and juicy, the first thing you have to do is change the habits that lead to our lips cracking, such as lip biting, licking his tongue or continuously breathing through the mouth.

Lip Care for Beautiful Lips

Make Your Lips Very Beautiful


It is one of the classic make-up utensils. Twist the expression of the face, but also provides permanent shine to the mouth and protects the sensitive skin of the lips nurturing. A good coat of lipstick on the lips is an excellent sun protection, as pigments hardly let the ultraviolet rays.

Lip bars

Lip bars consist of oils, which are responsible for its creamy texture, waxes and pigments as well as scented ingredients. The proportion of oils ranges between 50% and 70%, and the most commonly used are oils of jojoba, avocado and Castor, all of them are very moisturizing. These oils vitamins, moisturizing agents and solar protection filters have incorporated them

Waxes give consistency to the bars of lips and prevent heat to soften them. Pigments complete composition.

Lip Pencils

They are excellent when you have little time, since they can also be used as if it were Rouge.
Outline the contour of the lips with one of those colored pencils and then fill. These products do not contain so many creams such as bars, but in return, the paint stays longer.

Lip gloss

It is a creamy paste that provides a special glow. It favors the hydration of the lips and its appearance is colorless, very bright and aromatic notes. Its main disadvantage is that it is less durable.

Powders for lips

Like the eyeshadows, applied with a brush. They last longer than paint in a bar, but you should not abuse them because they dry out the thin skin of the lips.

Natural product

You can get a very easy to prepare lip gloss mixing 9 tablespoons of lanolin with 1 teaspoon of castor oil.